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The Choral Department

Continuing a Choral Legacy

The choral music program of Crystal Lake Central High School has a history of exceptional ensembles. We have contributed to this success with an attitude of ambition, hard work and pride. Our alumni have provided a traditional of strong choral music to add to the rich heritage at Crystal Lake Central. As members, we will continue to strive for the same level of success and will set goals beyond what we have achieved in the past.  We strive to grow personally, musically and as a community.

We study & perform choral music not because we must, but because we choose to. This choice is born of our desire to be a part of something great: Something beyond ourselves. We are a collection of individuals with varied talents, hopes, and experiences, carrying both the distinction and responsibility of being a part of this community. We expect success and have earned respect because we are striving to find the best that there is in us, and sharing it with others through choral music.

A Tribute to Those Who Led Our Choral Legacy

Previous Directors to be added soon...

1957--1977     Paul Beringer

1977-1980     Barbara Wise

1981-1986     Kent Parry

1987- 1990    Amy Runyon

1991-1994     John Hacker

1995-1999     Kimberly Dean-Scherrer

2000-2003     Molly Roller

2004-2016     Justin Hubly

2012-present   Kimberly Scherrer

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