The 2018-2019 Madrigal Singers

The Madrigal Singers

The Madrigal Singers are an auditioned ensemble that meets in the evenings to prepare a variety of literature for performance in the public, as well as in preparation for the Renaissance Feast- The Madrigal Dinner.  This event has a rich history in the school, dating back to 1971.  The selected music draws on choral literature dating back to the early 1300's through present and includes songs in a variety of languages and styles.  The Madrigal Dinner includes a variety of performers, including a troupe of actors, wenches, serfs, recorders and brass players.

Madrigal singing came to England from Italy and France in the late Sixteenth century, and was used as private entertainment at the castles and country homes of English nobility. Often, the lords and ladies performed the music themselves in the Great Hall. During this time, the great house was open to all who came to the gate; work was suspended, the lord’s bounty was heaped upon tremendous oaken tables and all reveled together. With each sound of brass fanfare at the Madrigal Dinner, you will discover Christmas as celebrated through the traditions of “Merrie Olde England”. This rich tradition at CLC celebrates the true spirit of the season.

Madrigal Information/Dates for 2019-20

Auditions for the next school year 2019-2020 will be held in April.  Audition packets will be released in March.  See Mrs. Scherrer for a packet before you head to Spring Break.

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